Are You Building a Membership or Subscription Business?

If so, much respect.

Retention is the life-blood of recurring revenue.

On the face of it, the recurring revenue train is all gravy.

Instead of one-time sales, you enjoy a steady stream of monthly in-flows from a body of customers who are totally sold on your product or service.

Except, as you know, it doesn’t quite work like that.

Your subscription or membership business grows by how many customers you keep, not how many you add.

But holding onto your customers is no easy feat.

Churn is a female dog with a vicious bite.

And if you not careful, she’ll take your whole business down.

My K.E.E.P.™ marketing system will grow your recurring revenue by helping you reduce churn, improve engagement and increase customer life-time value.

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How I Work

  1. Free 20-minute Discovery Call to find out more about your business and see if we’re a good fit.​
  2. Proposal with scope, fees and timelines. 50% deposit to kick off the work.
  3. Client Questionnaire, followed by 60-minute Deep-Dive Consult
  4. Research & Discovery​
  5. Delivery of the work. 2 rounds of revisions included for copywriting projects. 50% balance due on delivery.​

What Do You Charge Nkiru?
I only work with clients who recognize that copywriting is a critical investment in their business.

Fair warning: I’m not cheap.
I wasn’t raised that way.