Are You Scaling a Service Business?

It's time to level up your marketing.

You’ve poured out your expertise and passion into a high-value course or consulting service.

You’re creating digital products, high-end coaching programs or expanding your professional services online.

For you it’s about more than money.

You want to change people's lives.

Well, you may be the guru of all gurus.

But if you can’t sell …and convert those sales to long-term customers…you’ve got nothing.

Your success depends your ability to differentiate yourself from the pack, nurture a relationship of trust with your audience and convince them why they need to buy from you.

Only one thing can help you achieve this.

No, not your slick-looking website… or your clever branding … or your years of experience. Not even your social media likes.

What matters most is your copy – what you say and how you say it. The words you use to engage your prospects and make the sale.

Don’t be that person that spends time and money developing a product, then doesn’t invest in the most important part of the business – the marketing.

My K.E.E.P.™ marketing system will help you grow your revenue by improving customer engagement, boosting retention, and increasing customer life-time value.

I also help you define your brand voice, articulate your value and tell your story, so that you attract the right people into your orbit.

That’s how you build a tribe, my friend.

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How I Work

  1. Free 20-minute Discovery Call to find out more about your business and see if we’re a good fit.​
  2. Proposal with scope, fees and timelines. 50% deposit to kick off the work.
  3. Client Questionnaire, followed by 60-minute Deep-Dive Consult
  4. Research & Discovery​
  5. Delivery of the work. 2 rounds of revisions included for copywriting projects. 50% balance due on delivery.​

What Do You Charge Nkiru?
I only work with clients who recognize that copywriting is a critical investment in their business.

Fair warning: I’m not cheap.
I wasn’t raised that way.